Guardian Edge Hard Disk Encryption 8.7 , SEP 11 and IP6 over IP4

I am planning to upgrade to Guardian Edge Hard Disk Encryption 8.7. Its been over a year since we deployed 8.2.4 and I wanted to get some of the assorted fixes out to our computers.
While reading the release notes, I noticed a known issue with Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.

“Following the installation of GuardianEdge
Hard Disk on the Client Computer, a
Network Threat Protection message may
be displayed, alerting the end user to a
change in the EAFRCliADSI application.”

The solution is to allow IP6 over IPv4.
Personally I am not a big fan of this solution. Until I have a personal firewall that works with IPv6, I think we should default deny it. Until there is a need for IPv6, we should default deny it.
The solution doesn’t adequately explain the problem to me. I don’t use SEP11 to monitor what applications can go out (management overruled me). I’m thinking users would never be alerted if an application changed. Thus their workaround should be unnecessary.
I called support but that only resulted in a guy reading the release note back to me. I guess I’m going to upgrade the server and install 8.7 on my computer and see what happens.