Group Policy Management Console and Vista SP1

I’m sure some people will read this and think gee what a moron, but it may save some other people a few minutes.
After installing Symantec Endpoint Protection, I found that the Windows Firewall was still enabled on my computer. I had set up a WMI filtered Group Policy that disabled the Windows Firewall if SEP11 was installed. Eventually, I remembered that I created the firewall disable policy on Windows 2003, and that was not going to be able to manage the Vista policy. While I could disable the XP firewall, there were some Vista options not available in that policy.
I notice there are some things called Vista Extensions for Group Policy, perhaps that would have added the missing pieces to my Windows 2003 GPMC, but I don’t know.
I set out googling GPMC and Vista. I was beset by websites talking mostly about release candidate versions of Vista. There were a few pre-SP1 articles complaining that it was being removed. Even searching at didn’t help. I finally found a forum post that linked KB941314, the Remote Server Administrator Tools for Vista SP1 and Windows 2008. I installed that, but apparently didn’t read the instructions because I still couldn’t find the Group Policy Management Console after the installation concluded.. Eventually I found a post indicating the need to install the KB then go into the control panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features and add new windows features.
I ultimately solved the problem I was trying to solve, after wasting a lot of time.