DNS Inkblot test

So Donna thinks that PC World is a victim of DNS Cache Poisoning.
What is the attack here? pcworld.com DNS resolves to which according to an IPWHOIS is their IP address.
So what if removespyware.ru resolves to the same address. Unless they can modify the routing, I dont see what they’ve accomplished other than getting Donna to add the IP the Outpost firewall blacklist while invoking the name Dan Kaminsky.
If a site “malware.r.us” has a reputation for serving malware, and they change their DNS to resolve that URL to my website, why should my website be blocked. The biggest security problem here is the denial of service instigated by the Outpost personal firewall against a innocent website.
I guess when you’re looking for a DNS cache poisoning attack, everything looks like a DNS cache poisoning attack.