Birthday Attack

No not this one. I’m just falling into the classic blog trap of making a cutsey title rather than a descriptive one.
I’ve been thinking a bit about birthdates and identity theft. What is it they’re going to do with my birthdate? I don’t know but apparently I’m supposed to be afraid of anyone having data about me (watch out for Google) even if the data isn’t personally identifying.
Sophos reported yesterday a bugin a beta version of Facebook (since fixed) . It would display the date of birth even when it was marked as private.

You’ve all heard of the “trade your password for a chocolate bar” test. Apparently many people are failing the “trade your date of birth for a scoup of ice cream at Baskin Robins” test.
I guess I’d rather have my friends wish me happy birthday on the right day. I’d rather not have to remember which day my fake birthday is so I can get my free scoup of ice cream. I’d rather not get busted for phony documents because I need a ID with my fake birthday on it to get a free meal (the the purchase of a second meal) at Texas de Brazil (coupon required).