Adobe Acrobat and Reader 9 Released

Adobe Acrobat and Reader 9 were released this week. I received an update notification from a Sr. Product Manager at Adobe, it advises that “once a major new version such as this comes out, you have 6 months to update from the older Reader 8.”
I had kind of been wondering about Adobe’s product support lifecycle. Adobe Reader/Acrobat 7 just got an update not too long ago. Is Adobe really is going to pull the plug on 8 in 6 months? That seems like a very short about of time. When you look at past versions they’ve had Office conflicts that weren’t resolved for a while. I haven’t looked, but I assume the Adobe customization wizard (tuner) that is used to package Adobe Acrobat and Reader for enterprise deployment is also yet to be released.
I’m thinking January 2009 to push out Adobe Reader, unless of course they once again coerce an update by patching something in the newer version and leaving the older version alone for months.

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  1. Hi Roger,
    I think 6 months is the period of a distribution license being valid for the new version.
    After that you might need to apply for v9 license.

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