Renewing GCWN

I renewed my GIAC certification in Securing Windows today. When renewing a GIAC for the renewal fee you also get access to course materials (mp3s and the course books). I found it a bit dificult to listen to the MP3s. I did notice that when I took the course live I think there was some “you need to know this” where as this time around the only guidance toward the test was “everything in the workbooks.”
GIAC certifications now require proctored tests. They are still open book, but you can’t use electronic books. The answer isn’t as easy to find when you can’t just find it by searching PDF files. The test is 150 questions and you have a four hour limit.
I struggled a bit with IPSec, RRAS and PKI, but did fine over all. I’m glad I don’t have to do that again for another four years.