“No Major Changes”

“We’re really focused on growing the business so we dont want any changes that will interfere with people’s ability to do their work.” Or relayed another way, “no major changes”.
This new CEO mandate has brought all of my projects to a screeching halt as we try to determine exactly what that means. I wrote yesterday about how it was effecting my S/MIME project. Its going to prevent me from fully implementing the NAC project and its certainly going to effect my endpoint security project.
Is there a time where we wont be interested in growing the business? Is there a time when user disruption shouldn’t be minimized? Won’t stalling all my projects have serious security implications that may result in more user disruption later.
I’ve often said the company I work for is headed toward only having maintenance windows from 3am to 5 am on December 25th. I finally could see all of my projects making serious headway, and last Thursday they completely took the wind out of my sails.
update- I forgot part of the story. Less than two months ago the CEO reviewed our budgeted projects and the unbudgeted projects that people were demanding of us in order to reset our priorities. I’d like to know what changed between then and now.