My SEPM Update Issue

I’m currently performing an eval with Symantec Endpoint Protection MR2. (refered to here as SEP11).
The testers surprisingly didn’t have any complaints. I did notice however that the Symantec Endpoing Protection Manager (SEPM) was not downloading updates. Not good.
At first I thought that SEP had locked up so I rebooted SEPM. New definations were downloaded once, then it went back to not working.
It turned out that since a image was used to create the server Symantec Antivirus 10 was installed and I hadn’t removed it. Since that was managed, liveupdate pointed to my internal liveupdate server. That server wasn’t updated to handle SEP11 updates and that caused my update flakiness with SEP11.


  1. that problem is solved. As I mentioned in the post, my SEPM was installed on a Windows 2003 server with the production SAV 10 client installed. The production SAV’s liveupdate points to an internal liveupdate server. That server of course wasn’t upgraded to download SEP updates.
    All is good now. I will note that support told me to “just give it a couple hours”. Completely the wrong answer. I wont hold that against them because they did help out in some other questions.

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