Typhoid Mary and Sophos AV for *nix

As I’ve posted previously, currently I’m doing an eval with Sophos to potentially replace our Symantec Antivirus with Sophos Antivirus, HIPs and Firewall. Sophos provides support for a wide variety of Operating Systems.
I haven’t crossed that bridge yet, I did talk to my pre-sales support (hi Chris) about the issues with 1) convincing Linux, Solaris and Mac users to follow the company policy and install antivirus and 2) the new burden with these people now thinking you provide support for anything that goes wrong with their system because it must be the AVs fault.
Mark Harris Director of SophosLabs has written a blog entry covering some of the same type of information. He announces Sophos Anti-Virus for UNIX 7.0 beta and explains why Antivirus for Unix is even necessary.