Soft Skills

On Monday, I went to a Fred Pryor Seminar (I think that used to be called Careertrack) on Managing Emotions Under Pressure. The instructor Dee Yoh has a very interesting story to tell. I wish she had a biography or autobiography available. She is a great presenter and someone who is living the principles taught in the course.
I didn’t get a lot of new information to me, but what was important was time to think and reflect away from work and other distractions. I also realized how important it is to continue to work at managing emotions. Lack of emotional control is an impediment to career success. Successful people are always improving themselves. Its very easy for techs to focus on learning more information rather than learning the soft skills.
Rather than writing one really long blog entry today, I think I’ll be following up with more details later.


  1. Leadership Development

    Stephen Covey describes an interesting difference between Leaders and Managers: Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.

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