Too Creepy for Business Mail

Does your business have policies about forwarding email to external servers? You may think you have policies but will you catch users who create their own server side forwarding rules in Outlook/Exchange?
One of our VPs decided that he wanted to get work email onto his shiny iPhone whether it was supported/allowed or not. He created a rule to forward his email to Google Mail. With Google Mail, nothing is ever really deleted, and you really don’t have any control over what Google does with the content. That ‘s not the place to be sending information the customer intends that you keep private.
There is a website Gmail is Too Creepy that covers some of the concerns of Google Mail. Strangely enough while googling for that URL, Google wouldn’t give me the result. They said I must have a virus on my computer if I’m trying to go to that website. Too creepy indeed!

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