Forescout Announces Buyout Program for Orphaned Lockdown Customers

Last week Forescout announced a program to credit Lockdown customers for their orphaned NAC equipment when they make a Forescout CounterACT purchase.
Lockdown is a NAC vendor that announced it was ceasing operations. Forescout is an up and comer in the NAC market. Personally, I think they are the best NAC choice, and when I get some time, I’ll have an entry about why I think that.
I think this is a great way for Forescout to get their name out there. At the same time though the death of Lockdown does make me even more wary about using a smaller player. Its a classic trade off. Going with the established name means they probably wont go out of business. At the same time, their feature set may not be as good and they wont have good support or response to enhancement requests. With Forescout, there is a risk they will go out of business or be bought by “XYZ Company you hate”. But they will tend to be more responsive and thus have better features.
Different companies have different opinions on the best approach to take. Even if you go with an established “name” company, they may drop your product line when they purchase a smaller named company that has a better product. Its a risk that needs to be considered.


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