VLC Media Player Update

VLC Media Player 0.8.6e is available to release multiple security vulnerabilities.
Security Advisory 0801
Summary : Format string vulnerability in the Web interface
Stack-based buffer overflow in the Subtitles demuxer
String buffer overflows in the Real RTSP demuxer
CVE references : CVE-2007-6681, CVE-2007-6682, CVE-2008-0295, CVE-2008-0296
Security Advisory 0802
Summary : Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer
CVE reference : CVE-2008-0984
Security Advisory 0803
Summary : Arbitrary file overwrite and other abuses
through M3U parser and browsers plugins
CVE reference :
I’ve seen VLC showing up in the vulnerability scans more at work. People install it because it supports a wide variety of multimedia formats. One more non-standard app to get patched.