You are insecure

You are insecure. I’m not talking about your need to own a SUV even though if you ever had to move something you’d need to rent a truck to avoid damaging the leather seats. Its your computer that is insecure.
According to statistics gathered from Secunia Personal Software Inspector users, pretty much all computer with Secunia PSI have at least one vulnerable application installed. A vulnerable application is defined by them as an application where an update is available.
I would comment that Secunia reports on old versions of Flash installed. Adobe reports that those old installs are not vulnerable. I bet that trips up the most conscientious user. Others haven’t taken the time to exclude archive directories. When I first installed Secunia PSI it complained about old versions of files in system archives.
Even with that minor quirk, these numbers are amazing. If you’ve installed Secunia PSI, you probably care about keeping your non-Microsoft applications patched. Yet it still isn’t happening. I think Secunia could help by scanning more often and getting more in your face about it. Currently they seem to scan once a week an pop up a balloon immediately after the scan.
I would still recommend Secunia PSI to all home machines. It is really important to keep these applications patched, and Secunia helps out a lot in that.
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