Wachovia Bank Robbery

According to the WJLA evening news, there was a bank robbery earlier today at the Wachovia branch across from FBI headquarters. A guy in a Brinks uniform walked in and was given the days pickup. The theft was discovered 6 hours later when the real Brinks guy showed up. The thief got away with several hundred thousand dollars.
What are the odds that this was a former Brinks employee who the bank employees knew?
Are your employees trained to not fall for false authority syndrome. Just because someone has a uniform and seems to know what they are doing, that does not mean you shouldn’t be checking ID. Perhaps the lack of armor car could have been a clue. I read about a similar incident earlier in the week where bank employees became suspicious that the armor car guy was driving his personal car for a bank pickup.


  1. I know a guy who tried to cash a few savings bonds at a Maryland branch of Wachovia last month before this heist…He either had to have a checking account with the bank or leave fingerprint of his thumb on every savings bond . IRAs with the bank didn’t exempt him from the fingerprint requirement even with MD license.
    Did the guys who made the heist have leave a finger print to pick up $325k? OR was a checking account sufficient? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. There is always someone inside. When big robbery’s happen you need to have someone inside.
    Saw it in many movies, oceans 12, 11 and 13… they all have someone inside.

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