Protect your Tech

Smash and grab thefts performed on parked cars have been in the news more recently. People purchase GPS, ipods and satellite radio units and leave them in their car. This allows thieves easy access to resell-able items.
This week, we received notice that one of the other parking garages in our office park had been hit.
AAA World magazine has a good article on that issue this month. (page 33)
Obviously, you bought these gadgets to use them. You need to take it with you or keep it out of plain site. The problem with hiding it, is you still have that suction cup mount on the windshield advertising goodies inside the car. Do you really have time to take that down too? What about the obvious residue of the suction cup ring? That advertises as well. That seems like too much to deal with to me. At a minimum hide the valuables.
With GPS devices, use the PIN lock if one is included. This protects your important addresses. The thief may not be interested in all the Ci-Cis Pizza locations in the U.S. but he might want to see what toys your have at home since he knows you’ll be at work.
Record the serial number, original cost, and save the receipt. This could aid in recovery or with insurance.
These kinds of thefts are on the rise in commuter parking lots, malls, and other garages. Take heed and avoid being a victim.