Good for Office 2003 sp3

David LeBlanc takes the occasion of a Excel zero day to say see I told you so. Excel 2003 SP3 is not vulnerable.
I’d like to know if SP3 is not vulnerable because of the disabling of support for old file formats, or if its not vulnerable due to the other assorted fixes in the service pack. David implies its that latter saying ” We did a _lot_ of work fuzzing our apps and fixing bugs. While I’ll never claim that SP3 is unbreakable, it’s a lot more robust than Office 2003 was previously, and this probably won’t be the last time we see an advisory over something that affects SP2 but not SP3.”
I was just thinking if its not vulnerable because obsolete file formats are disabled (security over backwards compatibility), then people who follow information in this KB to enable those file types are still vulnerable. I guess we’ll find out when the patch is released and more information is available. Until then I’m going to go put a bug in someones ear at work about upgrading to SP3. We can’t afford to wait until all of our other apps support Office 2007.