The condo board asked all owners to update their contact information. This time I decided to give them my email address. As I gave it to them, I asked them to please use the BCC function to preserve our email address privacy. I dont need all my neighbors knowing my email address.
The property manager didn’t know about BCC, but she certainly knew of the dangers when BCC isn’t used. Previous they had difficulty with “reply all” storms.
Since she didn’t have access to a listserv (and that would have been too complicated for her) I showed her how to use BCC in Outlook. Hopefully that will prevent future issues. I left feeling like I’ve done my security good deed for the day. Sometimes its hard to put yourself in the users shoes and realize they just need some gentle suggestions to do the right thing. (of course my spidey sense is telling me that I’m going to be the new helpdesk/security guy for her whether I like it or not).