Tiger Team on CourtTV

I just saw that CourtTV (CourtTV is TruTV as of 1/1/2008) had a pen testing show called Tiger Team that aired a couple of times last week. GrumpySecurityGuy calls it “It Takes a Thief” with a security twist.
Don’t go in expecting this show to be about a Red Team in a dark room somewhere running zero day attacks while the Symantec Security NOC is soiling themselves because green lights turn to red on a big board on the wall. It doesn’t look like we’re going to see Chloe say “its ok we’ve got the Cisco Self-Defending network”. The episodes I’ve seen have had the team attempt to penetrate small very secure businesses. You don’t need to bust through a firewall or wait for a phishing reply when you can just hand someone a USB key and ask them to print out a document from it.
The team is has a social engineer, a computer security guy and a physical security guy (if I remember the introductions correctly). In the first caper they take down security at a high end car dealership. In the second episode they go after an elite exclusive Jewelry design shop. Both episodes were a heck of a lot of fun.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these episodes. I don’t see any upcoming episodes in the program guide data. I also couldn’t find the episodes on the CourtTV website. I had to bittorrent them (kids don’t try that at work).