Computer Naming Disasters

Sharktank had a funny entry about computer naming disasters.

The company’s initials are THS, so the rebuilt servers get names such as THSad1 and THSad2. That makes it easier to find the right server when browsing the network.
But the day after the new e-mail server goes live, fish’s own in-box is flooded — and all the messages ask the same question.
“The users’ mail clients announced the new server name in a pop-up before allowing them to connect,” says fish. “In came the wave of e-mails asking why the new server was named ‘the sex change.’

In their case company name THS followed by server role EXCHANGE became read by many people as Th(e)SexChange instead of THSExchange
We had the same thing happen to us although we noticed the problem before the server went production and got it fixed. We thought it was kind of funny that the server was going to be known as “empty sex” but the director put a stop to that. ๐Ÿ™‚