Cisco VPN upgrade

I pushed the Cisco VPN client to the the department test group. This means that the 5.0.2 beta client that I’ve been waiting on will be released on Monday. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Thus far I haven’t had the adoption rate I would have hoped for, but this is a Holiday weekend.
Only a few problems this far:
1. The new profile is set to UDP, a user had an issue because of their dlink router. We had to go in and set it to TCP for it to work.
2. A permissions error during the install when it tried to modify the MTU setting.
3. User not understanding the instructions while upgrading the vpn client while connected through the vpn.
4. User created shortcuts not being removed when old version is uninstalled. The old version went in a custom location, the new version is going to the default location.
No major disasters which is a good thing.