It takes a thief

Russell Shaw blogging on the front page of zdnet finds it hard to believe that someone who hasn’t been on the Internet can be on a jury that finds someone guilty of illegally using Kazaa to share copywrite protected material.
I don’t know if Russell is starting with the default assumption that all music should be free. It certainly seems as if the anti-RIAA forces believe that at their heart. I do kind of wonder if he extends that thinking to other crimes. Should I not be allowed to be on a jury that convicts a thief unless I’ve stolen myself? I guess I just dont feel that thieving is all that different in cyberspace. Good for them for not falling for the specious argument that “it wasn’t me, it was my insecure wireless therefore I am blameless.”
I also think its kind of funny that Russell thinks funeral directors are supposed to be compassionate therefore they should give light penalties during the sentencing phase of a trial.