Packaging the Cisco VPN Client Part 2

Last week I wrote in a semi-literate fashionabout my difficulties in packaging the Cisco VPN client. This week I continued trying to package the CiscoVPN client.
The problems continued this week. During the install of neither the profile or the rootcert were imported. I was able to fix the profile import issue. It turns out there is a bug article saying the install path should not have dashes in the folder names. TAC tells me the rootcert import issue will not be fixed in 5.0.02 and possibly not for a couple revisions after that.
This leaves me in a quandary. Can I deploy instead? The later version does solve a privilege escalation issue. However that can be resolved by removing the permission for “interactive” on cvpnd.exe. I dont see any other pressing fixes in the release notes. Perhaps I’ll even be able to stick to the installshield version and not be forced into using the MSI.


  1. No, I hadn’t seen that had come out. Thanks for the info!
    It looks like it would make the upgrade a lot easier (direct migration from installshield to msi) but its still in beta. I’ll have to check with mgmt to see if I can wait any longer.

  2. I’m looking for it, or at least the readme file (don’t have a CCO).
    I read somewhere that it is a beta version for Windows Vista 64, is it real ?

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