Think Before you Post

Think before you post. Its not just advice for bloggers like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey. New generations are growing up with an entirely different expectation on what needs to remain private.
While watching TV tonight, I saw a public service announcement (PSA) from titled “Bulletin Board.” In this PSA, a girl puts here picture on a physical bulletin board but quickly finds that its not so easy to take something back once its been put out there.
Here’s the youtube copy.

More information is available at their website.
The cynical person might make jokes about how hokey this is. “So you’ve had the birds and the bees talk with your kid, but did you make sure they are practicing safe surfing.” I actually thought the PSA was great and was happy to see it get run on TV.

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  1. Facebook, and Other Social Networking Sites, Will Always be Risky to Use

    Just because a social networking site says it is secure, and even if it has “TRUSTe,” “Hacker Safe” or other security and privacy assurance stamps on the site, it does not mean that bad things cannot happen. Take Facebook as a case in point….

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