SAV and ccapp.exe

I’m trying to upgrade my Symantec Antivirus CE to In the small test group I’ve got going right now I’ve got two issues.
1. the error “The application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000022.” for both ccapp.exe and vptray.exe occurs when the guest account logs in. (I need to do some checking to see what happens when I log in as a regular user).
Investigation with SysInternals Process Monitor shows that it checks for msvcp71.dll in c:\program files\common files\symantec shared\ not finding it there, it finds the dll in system32. After opening it, it then tries to write to it. Of course regular users cannot write to dlls in system32. Actually on my computer, it looks like the user who did the installation gets full control and no one else gets any access.
Another user reports that ccapp crashes at logout and the account never successfully logs out.
2. I’m also having reports of trouble sending email, but I haven’t checked into that yet.
I’ll either update this post when I get to a solution, or create a new post with a trackback to here.

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