Packaging the Cisco VPN Client

For some reason the Cisco VPN client was available in both an Installshield package and a msi package. It became time to upgrade recently so I reluctantly re-entered the realm of Cisco software. This is something truly to be feared.
The installshield version is rather easy to install and brand, although it appears to be impossible to import two root certificates. The MSI version requires creating a transform file and has some really bad instructions about using Microsoft Orca to do this. I also found out that if you have an installshield version of the Cisco VPN installed that you must remove it and reboot before attempting to install the MSI version (and then reboot again.)
Unfortunately Cisco has pulled the installshield version of the latest release and they report that no further installshield versions will be released. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to package the MSI version, because I just don’t want to deploy an older, slightly vulnerable Installshield version, particularly when no further Installshield versions will be released.


  1. I haven’t looked into that. I know on the windows side, our use of a groupname/password on the profile along with the rootcert to identify the concentrator precludes the use of the OS native client. I dont know if the linux client is more flexible.

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