Secunia Personal Software Inspector

How many times have I gone over to a friends house and ended up working on their computer. Sometimes its fixing something, but often its making sure their third party applications are patched. Microsoft makes it really easy to deploy their patches, but every other application is often ignored. For a while now, I’ve used Secunia’s software inspector which is a web based tool to check for vulnerable software versions. Now Secunia has released a software version of this product. Its free for home use and includes a privacy notice that should make most people who aren’t software pirates sleep easier about allowing this inventory.
Personal Software Inspector Beta installed easily and quickly performed a software inventory. It didn’t find anything on my system. I dont know of anything that is out of date right now so that is probably accurate.
It checks more than 4,200 applications. According to the website, if it had found something, I would have been prompted with a link to the update. That might be easy enough for the non-techies to follow.
Their web version does tend to complain about old versions of flash. The only way to fix this is to download and run a Flash uninstaller, then immediately install the latest version of Flash.
Normally, I wouldn’t tell my friends to install a version 0.1 beta product but this seems like the benefits will outweigh the risks.

The initial scan actually hadn’t completed before. It turns out that Secunia gives me a score of 74% on my home system!
Some of these things are old flash files in the i386 directory or an old version of SAV (not installed mind you) that I had extracted for packaging.
I wish the product would allow a user to export all this information so I could have a less knowledgeable user export this info and mail it to me for clarification.