Quick substitute for Netstumbler on Vista

I was having some trouble with my home wireless network today. I hadn’t looked into netstumbler on vista until this evening. I was hoping to use that to see what channels my neighbors were running on. A quick search found this article:

netsh>wlan show networks mode=bssid (if you like all the geeky stuff [and who doesn’t?] like rates supported, channel, signal strength)
netsh>wlan show network (an abbreviated version with just SSID, authentication and encryption types)

Yeah, its really basic, but it was exactly what I wanted. Netstumbler says it works on XP or greater (no linux jokes please). But it doesn’t seem to actually work on Vista.


  1. hey so what can i use instead of netstumbler for Vista?????
    NetStumbler is awesome but i just got my new Toshiba and it came with stupid Vista on it, and now netstumbler wont work. It says something like “no supported network cards found”. Something like that. Im not stupid, i have wireless on my laptop, so what version or substitute of NetStumbler will work?

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