Cold Call from Sophos

I got a cold call from a Sophos sales guy recently. As I tend to do when I have the time, I talked to him for a bit about their products. Unfortunately that just encourages sales guys because they think they’ve found a “mark”. When he called back later, I didn’t have as much time. I also saw no reason to include their NAC product in our NAC eval.
Once he saw I had no interest in further discussions, he tried to get other names out of me. He pulled the name of a Vice President off our company website and called him about his great solution for our NAC initiative. Don’t sales people realize that when you try to go over someone’s head, the VP is just going to pass the message back downstream until it ultimately arrives at my door?
This tool called back today. I should have just told him to leave me alone. Instead I tried to explain to him that he burned a bridge with me by going over my head. He didn’t understand that I’m not a tech drone peon. My recommendation is fairly key in any security purchase.
I suspect he is now planning to call the VP again to complain that I wont be buying the Sophos product no matter how much better and cheaper it is. Every Tom Dick and Harry has a NAC product. Some cold call alone isn’t going to encourage me to try one out or even commit an hour of my time to a sales presentation.