Cisco VPN Privilege Escalation

I installed the Cisco VPN version 5 on my laptop today, and I noticed what looks like a privilege escalation vulnerability. This doesn’t seem to be the vulnerability Cisco discusses here relating to the dialer portion of the program. This is a much more trivial thing.
The first thing I did was check another system. On a XPsp2 system with version 4.6 installed the Interactive user has modify permissions. As we all know, the Interactive user is a special user account representing any user who is logged on interactively. In other words, this is someone who has the Log on Locally privilege and has been logged on locally. So basically anyone who can log onto my computer (e.g. any other employee). At that point they have two choices. Do they want to wait for a system reboot and get localsystem rights, or do they want to wait for someone with local admin rights to try to use the VPN.
Surely this was fixed in version 5, I thought. No, in version 5, Interactive has full control rights.