Symantec so done with Antigen

Regular readers of my blog know that one of my many duties at work is to administrate what was once known as IMLogic (now known as Symantec IM Manager). I’ve complained loudly and frequently here ever since Symantec bought IMLogic . This post is more of the same. ๐Ÿ˜‰
IMLogic would keep me up to date about new releases. Symantec released version 8.2 without letting me know.
IMLogic worked hard to stay on top of new developments in the IM industry and let me know what actions I should take. Yahoo announced their web IM a few days ago. I still haven’t heard from Symantec about the best way to make sure that Yahoo Web IM is either blocked or monitored.
When Symantec bought IMLogic and Microsoft bought Sybari, I predicted that the Sybari – IMLogic integration was not long for this world. As I read the Symantec IMManager release notes for version 8.2, I see that Antigen for IM is no longer integrated. Here’s a support article about that.
Fortunately, it seems this version doesn’t have a lot new that I care about.

Real-time Enterprise Vault export capability
Groups and Group policies based on IP address ranges
File transfer control by type
Internationalization And Localization Changes
VMWare Support
Oracle 10g Support

Unfortunately, 8.1 the version I’m using is EoL in the fall.

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  1. I have heard very similar complaints about IM Manager and also KVS Enterprise Vault. I am told that after Veritas bought KVS, things did not change that much but when Symantec bought Veritas, the product was buried and support has worsened and the product is not being developed as it used to be. This is unfortunate, my company did alot of work with IM Logic and Enterprise Vault in the past, we really did not want to see these products suffer, they have the best install base and now that IM and email archiving is spreading out beyond the financial realm, they are not able to maintain their momentum and market position. Let’s hope for the best before people like you get so fed up that you decide to go with someone else. There are alot of companies out there that are looking to fill the void.

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