Are all FDE Software companies unresponsive?

You’d think it would be easier to spend a lot of money. I’m trying to evaluate Full Disk Encryption software, and the sales people I’m dealing with are frustratingly unresponsive.
I’ve heard from other companies that often they find that FDE companies just aren’t interested. Apparently so many companies are under a encryption mandate that they only want to spend resources on a guaranteed sale.
The most annoying example is the product I’m currently evaluating. Safeboot has not provided me with a pre-sales support direct contact. They also forbid contacting tech support. Instead I must contact the sales guy. The sales guy instead of getting me in touch with a engineer wants to set up a meeting “sometime this week or next.”
I was very upfront in my need to do this eval quickly. I learned what I wanted about Pointsec in two or three days. I can’t even get a response from Safeboot in that time period.


  1. Try WinMagic’s SecureDoc FDE. It has consistently been one of the top products on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. One of WinMagic’s competitive advantages is customized installations into our account base; aside from its work in the pre-boot environment, the robustness of its AES 256 bit crypto engine, and its enterpise server. Our pre-sales engineers, our sales representatives and our executive staff are extremely engaged in opportunities large and small.

  2. Since you are looking at different FDE products, you should include the best of breed as apart of your review. Utimaco SafeWare is one of the oldest encryption companies included in the Gartner MQ for Mobile Data and clearly is the leader. SafeGuard Easy is a very simple and feature rich FDE solution. If you need a management console, then take a look at SafeGuard Enterprise for security beyond device encryption. It’s easy for me to say what I believe you want to hear, the proof is in the pudding. Feel free to contact me through TypeKey or LinkedIn if you would like a demo on either solution.

  3. I have attended a Utimaco webinar. It didn’t make my initial top three. As you can tell, I’m not exactly happy with the first two vendors I’ve looked at, so maybe I’ll contact you once I finish up with the evals I currently have scheduled.
    I thought Safeguard Enterprise is only availble in Europe until Aug 07? (5.0 in Europe, 5.1 being released in August, 5.2 released in Jan 08).
    I attended the SANS Secure Storage and Encryption Summit I don’t recall Winmagic there. Any FDE software vendor who didn’t participate in that is going to have a hard time getting my attention. Of course coming to my blog is one way to rectify that. 🙂

  4. We have had a similar experience with several vendors in this space – probably a result of a highly active market where leads must pour in to these folks. I found SafeBoot very responsive to my inquiry and we chose them because they offer technology features that we missed with the others such as an audit trail. You may want to check this out.

  5. I’m currently doing a Safeboot eval. Its always good to hear other people’s experience.
    I’m currently fighting winlogon.exe crashing, and also investigating some questions about the screensaver.

  6. All of the ones we demoed-pointsec,utimaco,guardian esge, we picked guardian edge because we had the fewest incompatibilities found. Though I would avoid their Encryption Anywhere product line as that is new and has a few bugs. I would recommend their Hard Disk Plus encryption software. One thing, however, that’s lacking from many vendors is fde supoort of macs.

  7. Pointsec’s release notes definately scared me. The bugfixes listed there were pretty bad. I didn’t run into any issues there. Probably because I was so turned off by the management (or lack there of) that I ended the eval pretty quick.
    I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned the winlogon.exe crashes I’ve had with safeboot or not. They want to blame my applications. Of course my apps ran just fine before the safeboot install.
    If I haven’t mentioned it before, Guardian Edge is who I’m looking at next.

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