Adobe Reader 7.0.9 exe

I was working on creating a Adobe Reader 7.0.9 package this weekend. Adobe says that they aren’t providing a upgrade version of 7.0.9, only a full version. That is rather disappointing.
As part of the upgrade, I checked to see how many computers needed it. I searched for systems with acrord32.exe and sorted by version number. No computers had version 7.0.9 of that product. I knew that Reader 7.0.9 was installed on my own computer so I knew that couldn’t be right. Was this caused by a bad install or by Adobe? I checked for installed versions of Adobe Reader 7.0.9 via Add/Remove Programs and found that I had a couple hundred computers with 7.0.9. So its not just my computer. Apparently Adobe didn’t update the version number correctly on the main exe. I found a thread asking this question in the Adobe forum, but no answers yet.