Switching to Google Reader

I think I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I reloaded my laptop. When I went to reinstall Sharpreader, I found the sharpreader domain abandoned. Apparently they’ve boarded up the windows and left town.
I decided to give Google Reader another chance after my older brother mentioned it to me. I logged in, and it appears they’ve done some upgrading. It looks good. I deleted my old feeds, and imported my OPML file. After tweaking a few settings I’m finding it quite usable.
My favorite feature is the ability to share items with people. My shared page is here.
What I’m really missing right now is the notification box that my previous rss readers had. Obviously they can’t give me a new article notification if I’m not at the site, but I was thinking they should give that notification through the Google Talk software (like I get gmail notifications). Perhaps they already do that. I haven’t reinstalled Google Talk since my upgrading.
The other item I’m missing is search. That seems amazingly ironic. Yes this is the one time I”m pretty sure I’m using the term ironic correctly. I want the ability to search my feeds. I wand to easyly be able to search specific folders and even one specific feed. Why can’t I search my Google Reader feeds?
Obviously I’m new to Google Reader, so if anyone has an answer, please feel free to jump in the comment section.