SANS again kicking up a FUD storm?

SANS is reporting the the Microsoft ANI patch may be causing some problems. That’s the kind of headline that strikes fear into someone who is about to “release the hounds” and push patches to the enterprise.
The article fails to mention specifics about any of these bugs other than one bug when interacting with a specific third party software. A patch for that was available at the same time Microsoft released the ANI patch.
A second reading shows that they’ve only “received a few emails.” So in the vast SANS audience they’ve found a few computer problems. That’s probably par for any software installation. I would suspect that the importance of this update has brought people out of the woodwork who haven’t updated for a while.
Its now been 18 hours since that entry was posted, and it has not been updated. You’d think when you raise questions about a patch, you’d follow up with an all clear or confirmation of what is breaking.


  1. I just called MS to tell them that Agilent Technologies MS Chemstation Software breaks thanks to this patch. Made for a fun morning ๐Ÿ™
    The Realtek hotfix appears to assuage the problem.

  2. I heard from my dad that he had this issue as well. Not sure which software conflicted in his case.
    So far it sounds like the issues were identified prior to patch release with remediation available.

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