What Time is it? (Game Time) What time is it? (Game Time)

Hmm, this would have been a good title for for DST related post. Instead I’m writing about March Madness.
As a new administrator of our web filter I now get to hear about all the user requests related to things that do not work. On Thursday, I was approached by a colleague who showed me an email where a user reported they could not log into WTNT AM’s streaming audio. My colleague was incredulous that someone a) would be wasting company bandwidth (yea I know) and b) would have the boldness to complain about it. I was amazed because I had listed to that radio station that very morning. I know it works.
It turns out the user was trying to listen to the ACC basketball tourney. The radio station does not hold the right to broadcast this over the web so they don’t stream it. Hence the user’s problems. When I was listening, it switched over to music (a different licensing issue) but apparently they also disabled new logins for the duration.