Reconnex data protection

I ran across a product called Reconnex today. Their marketing director wrote an article on the Top 10 Steps for Privacy Data Protection for the ISSA Journal. I thought the article was interesting and addressed threats that we need to consider at work. As a result I checked out their website.
Basically they search through data at rest and determine what data needs protecting. Then they also watch the movement of that data as it leaves the network. If there is a data breach, you can use this to determine what was lost.
I would say right now that most companies do not know where the important data is, nor could they notice if it was being emailed to a competitor.
There was just news this week where Oracle sued SAP for hacking. In that instance they noticed that user IDs were being used to access the support knowledgebase and download everything. The userIDs belonged to companies that had just switched to SAP. The downloads came from SAP IP addresses. I don’t know that this product would have helped with that, but it does illustrate that data is our most important asset and most of us wouldn’t have even noticed that type of attack unless it caused a resource issue causing closer investigation.
Reconnex was part of a SANS webinar in January.
There was also a review in December’s Information Security Mag. Its not exactly a glowing review. Its good to hear from those who have evaled it.


  1. “If there is a data breach, you can use this to determine what was lost.”
    That’s nice, but how would you like to be able to STOP it from being lost?

  2. The InfoSec Mag review indicated that while you certainly could block things that violate policy, it takes a lot of tuning to get to that point. Such that most people would never turn on the blocking.
    I would say the Reconnex ability to scan desktops/laptops is important. If a laptop is stolen, I need to know what was on there in a unencrypted format. I dont think your product will do that for me. (from what I’ve seen looking briefly at the website).
    It will be interesting to learn more about these products. Thanks for posting.

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