Patched for DST Yet?

I just saw an email from the I.T. department at a government agency. They ask all users to leave their Windows and Mac systems online this weekend and make sure automatic updates are enabled in preparation for the DST change. Wow, sounds like they are leaving things to the last minute there. It also sounds like they have a rather chaotic patch distribution system.
I’m not so sure we’ve been as methodical as we could have been about this. I also feel our user communication was kind of late. We have a good excuse. We changed our company name in February. We’ve been working for months preparing for that changeover, so DST was a secondary item until that was finished.
I’m not going to be at work the week of the 12th. Traditionally when I’m not in the office, something hits the fan. Usually its a major virus incident. So if I were my co-workers, I’d buckle up for a bumpy ride.