16 Percent of Companies Aren’t Concerned about Spyware


In a recent study about spyware by Nemertes Research, Senior Vice President Andreas Antonopoulos was surprised to find that 16% of the companies examined were not concerned about the threat.

The article notes that the reason for this isn’t lack of computer security spending at the companies in question. Nor is it because the companies are small. Frustratingly the article doesn’t explore further why this is the case. Perhaps its in the study, but since that study is cited but not linked we are left to speculate.
Perhaps the companies are not concerned because they’ve solved the problem.
Eugene Kaspersky believe that spyware should be addressed by antivirus vendors, not a separate product. Perhaps these companies feel their antivirus is good enough.
Perhaps they use HIPS and feel that prevents the spyware from being installed in the first place.
Perhaps uses aren’t given local administrator right.
Perhaps they just have bigger concerns.
At our company we’ve used an anti-spyware product ever since enterprise ready anti-spyware became available.

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  1. I have not seen several companies with very good antivirusa but seen very few companies with antispyware. they do not understand the need of the second. I believe both are complement of each other,
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