The DNS and The Stationary

We got a call from the Director this week. It seems the new stationary had been ordered using the domain only. For example, was used instead of (using in place of my company domain name, obviously).
Currently resolves to the firewall in the external DNS. I had just commented last week that we might want to change that. Most sites on the Internet, including this one, allow you to just type the domain name and you’re taken to the website. But I didn’t really want to fight any non-essential battles so I let it go.
So it became an issue when the communications department created new stationary without checking if the name they were using actually worked. Its not such a big deal externally. The DNS guy said its not kosher to have two A records. But after I pointed out that every other domain on the Internet (including one we owned) did it this way, he grudgingly agreed. That’s when we hit the next hurtle. You see the Active Directory domain is Internally if you do a nslookup on the A records for you get a list of the domain controller IP addresses. We haven’t found a way around that problem yet.
At least I can laugh that such a common mistake continues to happen.


  1. you know, I always hated seeing A records for the domain. Kinda offended me somehow — It’s not a host, it’s a ZONE…
    Then I was actually blacklisted by a spam filtering company who said that they dropped anyone without an A record for their domain name.

  2. Our senior manager didn’t read the email about this issue, so it wasn’t passed up to the director until tonight that will not point to the external website.
    Each employee is receiving a checklist tomorrow morning and item number 2 is go to and check out the new website. This ought to be amusing.

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