Symantec IM Manager Upgrade

This afternoon I upgraded Symantec IM Manager from 8.0.12 to 8.1.4. I needed to upgrade to allow the new Live Messenger 8.1 client to work. IM Manager 8.1 is a different code branch than 8.0, but I wanted to see what was new in it as long as I was upgrading.
As I installed I noticed that it was adding .Net 2 to the server. After the install, I ran a Microsoft Update, and sure enough, Symantec installed .Net 2 without the latest security patches.
The 8.1 has a different web design than 8.0. I kind of like it. While browsing through the options, I notice that liveupdate is one of the listed update methods. The IM Manager updates are still separate. They have embedded the Symantec scan engine into the product so if you enable it (enabled by default on new installs) it will use Symantec AV to scan file transfers. I currently use Microsoft Antigen for this purpose. Because we don’t have a lot of file transfers via IM, I may save some money at renewal time by ditching the Microsoft Antigen.