Notice of Change

I mentioned in a previous post that we had some problems with a switch leading to browsing slowness. That caused us to receive a rant about how we were preventing employees from doing any work. They went on to say we need to give notice when making changes.
As it turns out this change went into effect for this group of complainers four business days after it was announced. I also wonder just how an announcement would have helped this situation. The only thing an earlier announcement would do is allow the users to preemptively gather their pitchforks and torches.
Why do I suspect that we’ll soon have a requirement where we have to notify users two weeks ahead of major changes? After being forced into an increasingly smaller outage window, I wouldn’t be surprised. When I’m readying something for deployment, we serve no wine before its time. I’m not going to know two weeks ahead of time when something is ready to get pushed out the door. It will waste a lot of time to wait until I am satisfied with the results in the test group to then announce a two week rollout countdown.