HP OpenView Network Node Manager Insecure Permissions Vulnerability

HP OpenView Network Node Manager has insecure default permissions.
The installation process for the software grants ‘Everyone’ full access to the ‘C:\Program Files\HP OpenView’ directory. This directory contains the ‘bin\ovtrcsvc.exe’ executable,
which is run as a service with SYSTEM-level privileges. So a local user can replace the .exe with malicious code and it will run with SYSTEM rights the next time the service starts (likely next reboot).

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  1. LoLz… and we haven’t seen That attack before, have we…
    I still have that Symantec AV exe you rooted. Aah, nostalgia.
    Roger, did we ever find a tool for Windows that would find all executables that were world readable? I seem to remember we did, but that was ages ago…
    Bill Gross

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