Vista Released, Where’s my SAV 10.2

Windows Vista is available for purchase through retail channels beginning January 30th. Its times like this that make me wonder, “where is my serial number for Symantec 10.2?” To my knowledge, I haven’t been sent a serial number by Symantec. As a result I don’t think I can download SAV 10.2 which is the version you need to use with Vista.
This is the Tao of Symantec. One serial number for 10.0, another for 10.1 and another for 10.2. God forbid you want to use the latest release and you’re not a platinum customer. I’ve just about had it.
To deploy 10.2 clients, I’m going to have to upgrade my parent server first. It is not good SAV mojo to have the server be a lower version than any of the clients.
With the release of Vista, I think the pressure for us to provide SAV for Vista clients will grow. It started with the volume licensing release of Vista, and grew from there. I don’t know how I’m going to find time to work with SAV 10.2 unless I come in on the weekend and do it. That assumes I’ll have found a working serial number.
Miles to go before I sleep, Miles to go before I sleep.