“somebody set up us the bomb”

Crazy day at work today. I got into work early. My office is right over the main entrance so I tend to notice any odd occurrences. Around 9:30 , I noticed multiple Fairfax Country police cars parked at the front door. I had to get ready for a meeting, but I heard at 10am that the east side of the building from 1-3 had been evacuated due to a suspicious package. Since this didn’t effect the room we were in (and I really wanted to have my meeting) we went ahead with the meeting. Around 11:30 we wrapped up the meeting. I went back to my office and found just about everyone outside the window.
It seemed like a scene from a movie, you look out the window and there are cops, feds, firetrucks, the bomb squad, and a schoolbus (we have a nursery in the building). It was incredible. We were advised over the company’s internal intercom at 11:30 am that the building was being evacuated and that we should go home.
According to FCW.com after the employees evacuated, a bomb detection robot removed the package from the building, and they imploded it. We received an email at 3:45 pm that everything was safe. The suspicious package contained only papers. I haven’t heard if the papers were just normal papers, or if there were threats. FCW reported that there have been a string of suspicious packages delivered to my company. We haven’t evacuated for previous suspicious packages, so either the police were exceedingly careful, or there was more to this one.