Mandatory Screensaver

At our company we implemented a mandatory screensaver about a month ago. In my testing I found that if I allowed the user to select the screensaver, that they could select “none” and no screensaver would run. Obviously that isn’t something you want to happen. I also found if a computer did not have the specific mandatory (corporate logoed) screensaver then that was the equivelent of not having a screensaver.

We rolled it out using logon.scr as the default intending to later change that. I figured that if we named the new screensaver logon.scr then systems that had received the new screensaver would run that, otherwise they’d have the default flying windows screensaver.

Tonight I was looking into it, and it seems that logon.scr is protected by Windows File Protection. Not sure what the next step is.

UPDATE: in Windows 7, the screen will now lock correctly even if NONE is selected as the screensaver.