Just Don’t Call Symantec

My manager asked if we had any news on when Symantec IM Manager (formerly IMLogic) will support AIM 6 and Triton. Its been over two months since Symantec sent out a notice saying that AIM 6 will not work when IM Manager is used. Its been over four months since the customer advisory that AOL Triton 1.3 and 1.5 will not work.
When you invest in a vendor (such as Akonix, Facetime or Symantec) you are betting that they will continue to develop the product. There are always new client versions, and if the vendor doesn’t move to support them, your users will be left in the IM stone age.
My call to support to ask about their progress in supporting these products did not begin well. After waiting on hold for 15 minutes, I spoke to the person who collects the info necessary to route the call. My call was answered by the technical guy who said “hello.” What the hell is that? Who am I talking to? It sounds like I was routed to the janitors closet. Next he asks me for my case number. Shouldn’t he already have that in front of him? So I ask my question, when will AIM 6 be supported by IM Manager? His response? “What’s that.” Well that instills confidence that this call will go well. So I tell him, that AIM 6 is not supported and does not work with current versions of IM Manager, I have checked the knowledge base and read the article on what is supported already. What I want to know is are they working on it, and what is the timetable. His response? He tries to read the KB article about supported clients to me.
I then tried to call Symantec customer service both to comment on this idiot and to try to get the answer. Unfortunately customer service has a hold time of 45 minutes thanks to the “new” licensing process. The licensing process is not new, I fought with that abomination in November and December.
Symantec has done as I predicted. They have bought and ruined yet another good product.