GoDaddy Pulls

It seems that GoDaddy is now acting as internet content police. They disabled the domain registration for based on a complaint from is a web archive of many security lists. I use their RSS feeds to follow many security discussions.
It seems part of this content included the list of 53k usernames and passwords found to be collected on a phishing site. Myspace didn’t like that.
I’m of two minds on this. When I’m trying to take down sites hosting malicious content, it’s often beneficial to send a desist email to every possible link in the chain. On the other hand this is a slippery slope where a domain could get yanked for any reason.
People enticed by cheap domains held their nose when reading the fine print. GoDaddys ToS says they “reserve the right to terminate your access to the services at any time, without notice, for any reason whatsoever.”
You still shouldn’t mess with Fyodor.