Quicktime Installers

I’ve been reading some of the appdeploy.com postings about packaging Quicktime. As usual it sounds like there are many opinions on how to do it. Some of the opinions posted there may refer to older versions so its hard to know if the complaint is still valid.
While searching the Apple support forum, I found that there is actually a license agreement for deploying the free version of Quicktime in an organization. All of the people posting at appdeploy seem to have just downloaded the free version from the website and used that as the source files. Apple has a License agreement for corporations who want to deploy via the network to their clients.
The problem with this Apple Quicktime license is that its a bid far-reaching. It requires the Quicktime icon on the desktop. Most packagers would want to remove this. They also require that the license agreement be posted to the company intranet.
Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to install Quicktime in such a way that:
1) previous copies are removed
2) Quicktime is not added to the systray.
3) A desktop icon is not created
4) it doesn’t mess with the users current file type mappings
Apple doesn’t seem to have put any thought into the best way to accomplish these goals. Adobe had instructions for Reader/Professional and provided an Install Shield Tuner for Adobe Reader/Standard/Professional.
I got pretty close with the few minutes I spent on it tonight, but I don’t have my own MST file creator. I guess I could install Orca again, but I never liked that all that much. Looks like I’ve got a bit of work ahead.