Waiting on hold for symantec

The post is mainly an as it happens record of a call to try to get a license file for one of my Symantec products. Its not necessarily going to be funny, interesting or informative. Sort of like the rest of my posts.
Right now I’m waiting on hold for Symantec. It took 20 minutes to get through to someone in customer support. I can’t get a license out of their darn licensing website. The customer support guy couldn’t do anything but read irrelevent knowledge base articles to me. (“How to download from fileconnect”, “How to register at the licensing site”). Hello are you listening to me?
So this guy decided pulling it would be too much work to actually solve my problem so he is transfering me to the “licensing specialist.” Any bets on whether this will actually be a licensing specialist or if has he merely dumped me back into the 20 minute customer support queue in hopes that he wont get my call the second time around.
– 30 minutes in – I’m reminded of the advice in “Internet Help Desk” by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggy, “always put them on hold, it takes the fight out of them”.
– 33 minutes in- I’m installing JAVA Runtime Environment 1.4.2-12 so maybe my McAfee for Sharepoint will work.
– 43 minutes in – wow, this is the most ecclectic mix of music.
– 53 minutes in – shouldn’t have drunk so much Pepsi
– around 65 minutes in – lost the connection.
– Tried to call the number I was given for customer service and it is not valid .
New call to support since its the only number I have. Vent a bit about my Symantec experience so far today. Guy goes to check on something
-10 minutes in on second call –
guy says I dont need to talk to licensing and the hold time there is one hour right now (would have been nice if they guy on the first call had set that expectation).
I’m being transfered to customer service again. Oh and apparently the number I have for that is correct, not sure why I got a busy signal then.
– 34 minutes into the second call – the customer service drone could not help me and is transfering me back to licensing. His oh so helpful suggestion is that I call back in the morning when the hold times are less. Quote of the call: “You’re from Virginia, where is that?”
– around 90 minutes into the second call, I got licensing, and we stepped through the website. We found that it had actually imported the newer certficate even though it didn’t display on the website. There was an advanced search that I hadn’t tried that turned it up. Once I did that there was an option to register the serial number. that’s kind of odd because that is what I thought I was doing when I imported the serial number into the website.
They’ve made a complicated mess of licensing that is causing a lot of problems. I’d say of the people I talked to today, two cared about solving the problem and reducing frustration. The rest of them couldn’t be bothered.


  1. Hey Roger,

    I know this is an older article, but our company specializes in first call support with Syamntec. We specialize in Backup Exec and Symantec Endpoint Protection. As an Authorized TAPP partner we could have made your support experience alot better. Look us up in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Roger… I own 10, 10 user Version 12 Small Business licenses. I go online to download an .slf file from one of the unused licenses for a client… guess what… NO OPTION anywhere to download. I look and I look until I finally am confident that a call to tech support won’t leave me embarrassed. The offer to email it to me, I explain I want to download it from my management portal. They offer to email it to me, I again explain that I’d like to just to go the management portal, choose a registered license and download the file. HOW DO I DO THAT!! We can email it to you right now… NO… I want to download it. Finally she walks me though going to “my licenses” list and says “don’t you see the option there to download?”. No, I don’t. “Oh” she says. You should. Then she resets my password to log into my account on their end. The ON HOLD music would be great if I were high on acid, but, I wasn’t so it was pure torture. After 15 min she comes back and says, “yeah, its not there and it should be. We need to escalate you to the next level”. 20 more minutes of torturous music on hold. Then, the person she transfers me to has no idea what my problem is. Ultimately they left me with an account for which they reset the password and failed to tell me what the new one was. Higher level tech says, “no problem, let me email it to you”.. OMG, here we go again.

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